by Jerry Branch

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Becoming More Like The Lord (2 of 4)
Getting into the Will of God Series
Jerry Branch
Psalm 25:4-9

v. 4 "Make me know thy ways, O Lord; Teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth and teach me. . ."

As I studied this passage, and I saw David going to the Lord, praying and asking Him, that He, God, would MAKE His ways known to David, that HE, God, would TEACH David His paths, and that He, God, would LEAD David in His divine TRUTH, I found myself asking, "Why is David seeking to know God's Ways? And to be able to do so, what does one have to do? There must be a reason David is doing all this asking. Why is it that David so much desires to know the ways of the Lord?" Folks, David is showing us something about the very nature of himself, and the very nature of our own Christian lives today. He is showing us that his deepest desire is to be more like His God.

As we read and hear these words, can we not really see this man, David, who is earnestly, with all his heart, coming before God with a real desire to KNOW what is God's Will? He's asking God, Make me know thy ways, teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me.

I want to share with you all several things this Psalm shows us. Number one is that the child of God really does desire in his or her heart to be more like Him, and therefore, really does seek Him. The Second is always something that gets in the way. There is the ever-present danger of sin getting in the way of our relationship so we must constantly be on guard. Then third, in order for us to be teachable, there is a requirement that we have humility. Then, from what we come to understand I would hope that each of us leaves here today with a deep desire to be more Christlike in our own lives.

Now, we all know that David was a godly man. He was a man who throughout most of his life really did seek after the Lord and His will. In fact, the Lord on several occasions called David "a man after his own heart". We see it in 1 Samuel 1 ...

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