by Jerry Branch

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Step One - Trust God (1 of 4)
Jerry Branch
Psalm 25:1-3
August 2, 1998

The Lord showed me this week that we can really learn something of practical value if we would go look at one of the Psalms. There is no doubt about it; Psalm 25 addresses a very key issue of life - the issue of WHO DO YOU TRUST? In fact, for many of you here today, this may be exactly where you may be right now. You may be facing some important decisions. You may be facing questions about changes in your life. You may be facing concerns or fears. And not surprisingly, even for a church, there are the same issues.

I fear though, that too often, all of us make our choices of action based on what we think makes sense in or minds, or what appears to be right. But folks, the Christian, and the church - both of whom have so much more going for them than those of the secular world - unfortunately we don't take advantage of what God has done for us, and we make so many of our own choices with little or no consultation with the Lord God.

And it seems that all of us are even more prone to take that course of action when something unexpected occurs. For some reason or another, it seems that our first reaction THEN is to try to grab for the reins and steer ourselves, without checking in with God to see which way we ought to go.

Well, when David wrote this Psalm, we're not exactly sure what was going on in his life. It does appear from the context, though, that it may have been written sometime during the time when his enemies were giving him a rough time. But regardless, though, within these verses we find a message that is full of hope and tells us the importance of you and me trusting God. That's why we also see the confidence with which the person who does so, is able to forge ahead with in life.

Now, I would hope that each of you can find some solid assurance and some good guidance for your own lives in this Psalm. And Church family, I would hope that you too, take this to heart ...

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