by Jerry Branch

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This Is For All Us "KIDS" (6 of 6)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 3:20-4:1
November 21, 1999

In these verses, Paul gives his concluding instructions to the Colossian Christians regarding their responsibilities to the family and to the work place.

If you recall, last week, we saw that it is important that we who follow the Lord Jesus Christ take these words to heart and live by them, because, in doing so, we will help insure that we have a healthy family.

We learned last week about the duties and responsibilities of the husband and the wife. We looked at one of the most controversial passages in the New Testament - one that speaks to both the man and the woman in the Christian home. We saw a word that is definitely NOT politically correct these days; that word being "submission".

The Word of God, in speaking about submission, says that the wife is to voluntarily submit her will to that of her husband, not as an inferior person, not as a second class citizen, not as property, but the wife is to do so as an equal partner in the marriage, and she does this voluntarily because she is responding to the agape love of her husband for her, and because she accepts the Lord's will that her husband is to be the leader of the family just as Christ is head of the church.

But the instruction didn't stop there. We also found out that the man, the husband, has the awesome responsibility to lead his family under the leadership of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and that he, the man, the husband, is to show his agape love to his wife; love that never ends, love that goes on giving, regardless of what is returned, love that never ends, regardless of anything, love that is just as Christ demonstrated His love for us. All because Christ is IN us.

Well, today, Paul now speaks about relationship of the children to the parents and family. So, children, young people, I want you to listen to this, because this will make your moms' and dads' responsibilities much more pleasant, an ...

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