by Jerry Branch

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God's Way To The Healthy Family (5 of 6)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 3:18-19
November 14, 1999

One commentator, writes, "Nowhere should the social aspect of the new man be more evident than in the home - the single most important social institution in the world.... The New Testament reminds us in many places that an intellectual knowledge of our faith must be accompanied by a life that proves faith's reality. And such a life can only be lived by vital contact with God in Christ. It is difficult to see how Christianity can have any positive effect on society if it cannot transform its own homes." (Dr. John MacArthur, Colossians).

It is a sad commentary on Christian living when in our own homes we do not live as Christ wants us to. Even in Christian homes today, roles are often upside down. There are fights on how to raise the children, there are fights on who does what, there is so often, very little in many so-called "Christian homes" that resembles the presence of a man and woman who profess to know the Lord.

It is then of little wonder that when the unchurched of our city and country look at Christian homelife, and they see that it is not much different than the homelife of the so called unsaved, that the unchurched person shakes his or her head and asks the question: "why should I consider Jesus if that's what there is?"

This is not what God desires, nor is it what the Word of God teaches, as is evident in these two verses. Right here in the letter to the church at Colosse, we see that the Lord provides us with "HIS Way to the Healthy Family."

I am afraid though, that too often, when we read this passage, we - and I'm talking especially about us men - instead of reading this in the proper context, we tend to puff up a bit, and think to ourselves, even if we don't say it out loud, well, now, gotcha, little woman. Lookee here----See! The Bible says, you're supposed to obey what I say. Well, guys, that's NOT what the Bible says. In fact, it says so ...

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