by Jerry Branch

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Legalism . . . The Joy Thief (7 of 7)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 2:16-19
October 10, 1999

Most of us want to please God. At least I think so. So HOW do we do so? That is the REAL QUESTION: What Pleases God?

Some preachers and religious leaders tell us, "If you want to be Pleasing to God... YOU must do this; you must do that", "If you want to be pleasing to God, YOU must NOT do this; you must NOT do that."

With our modern telecommunications abilities these days, through the powerful medias of Television and Radio, and print, and even now the Internet, there are more false religious teachings that are being POURED into the minds of people today than ever before.

Just consider all the False Philosophies that have been piggy-backed onto church teachings under the innocent flag of psychology, and now, these are often viewed as being needed in addition to God's Word, in order to deal with a person's problems.

And then, what about the stuff you see on TV if you watch some of the TV church guys and gals? What about them telling us that God 'has told them this or that....' we hear them talking about receiving special visions and EXTRABIBLICAL revelations from God - that means revelations that are outside the Bible, and aren't supported by Scripture.

But we also hear stuff that is in error in many so-called Christian churches - do we not hear the voice of legalism creeping in through their teachings? Do we not hear them saying in their own words, that 'pleasing God, and having holiness in our lives' comes about by either being obedient and following a certain list of things, or avoiding a list of others.

Folks, hear me on this - these men and women are the SAME pastors and elders and other church leaders, and Sunday School teachers, who are charged with the responsibility of protecting and warning the church against false teachings, but these are the ones, who are in fact the very ones, who are proclaiming those same errors themselves.

I want e ...

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