by Jerry Branch

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In Christ, We Lack Nothing (5 of 7)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 2:8-10
August 29, 1999

What does this passage tell us?

The Lord is clearly telling us to be careful, to be on guard, because if we're not, we're going to get cheated, and led off track. You see, the basic principles of the world will cheat you and me. The devil in fact works hard at this, he is constantly prowling around like a hungry lion, seeking someone to devour, and he uses the world, the traditions of men, false philosophies and empty deceit to steal and hinder what God would have us to be about doing. That's why we are to beware, that's why we are to see to it, that's why we are to see to it that we are NOT kidnapped by the thinking that the world offers, or what some tradition offers, because NONE of these will help us be more of what we're supposed to be as Christians.

In other words, when we hear that just believing in the name of Jesus and just following Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us, isn't quite enough. When we hear that we've got to do more, that if we want to be sure we're saved, then we've got to go to this church, or we've got to do this, or we've got to do that, that you've got to work real hard to get to heaven, that there just is more that must be done, that just believing isn't enough. When we hear that, then people - we need to beware, because someone is trying to cheat us through empty deceit, or through traditions of men, or worldly philosophy. And when we fall prey to the trap, we end up getting cheated, and we're then kidnapped by something other than what is according to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and we end up allowing what He has given us to be stolen, and when that happens, we're going to miss out on what God would have for us.

I think this whole passage is one of those that is one of those passages that gets the Christian's blood flowing. Look at this, and think what Paul's writing here to us, what he's saying to us. It is because that In H ...

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