by Jerry Branch

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Understanding Leads To A Working Faith (3 of 7)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 2:2-5
August 22, 1999

Now as we pick up in verse two where we left off a couple weeks ago, where we saw that there is such an encouragement that we have as Believers have because we are knit together in the Love of Christ, now we find Paul writing, "...attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding".

Paul is dealing with a subject that he really felt the Colossians really needed to hear, the reason is seen in that they were being deluged with all sorts of false teachings - that being seen again in verse 18.

Well, is there anything that is a whole lot different today? I don't think that there is. Maybe that's why the expression, nothing new under the sun still holds true today.

There are more false religions out here in the world than you can count on both hands and both feet. And every one of them is doing one of two things - just like back then in Paul's day - these false religions are either denying that Jesus Christ is God, in other words, denying His deity, or they are adding requirements to what is needed to be saved, or both.

We see the New Age Movement, and all its variations based on each person being a god, and all the channeling stuff, and the power centers. Then there's Mysticism, based on the Eastern religions. Then Mohammadism, and its various forms, now even Internet religions, and the list goes on.

And so many people say, even some so called Christians, it's not what you believe, but just that you do believe something that's important. Or "but I just cannot understand how a God who is Love would send someone who is trying to be good to Hell".

So, just like today, back in Paul's day, there were all sorts of religions claiming to be Christian. But, again, just because someone says his group is Christian doesn't make it so.

We Christians today also need to be wary of all the false teaching that is being put out there. We looked at o ...

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