by Jerry Branch

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The Perfect Super-Glue (1 of 7)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 2:1-3
August 8, 1999

Well, today, we begin Chapter 2 of this great letter. To me, this is one of the most joy-inspiring chapters there is.

If you haven't read this chapter or haven't done so in a while, would you just do something - look over there at verse 18. Paul writes here, "Let no one cheat you of your reward..."

What did Jesus give us when we accepted Him? Wasn't it first, our salvation? But, did He not also come and die for us, so that we could have such an awesome spirit-filled, joy-filled life, both NOW and in all eternity? Do you sense that abundant, joy-filled life right now in your life?

Or if you don't, have you allowed, someone, or something, to cheat you?

OK. So why is Paul writing these words here? Actually, it is to provide some of the most encouraging words to the churches at both Laodicea and Colossee and these are some of the most encouraging words for them, and for you and me, that any of us could ever have heard.

I believe all of us need some good basic encouraging from time to time. Perhaps some of you are here today, and you need that some of that encouraging also.

Do not all too often, fail to encourage others? Especially if it is an inconvenience? There's a very correct statement made about Christian churches. It says that instead of helping our wounded, we shoot them again, and leave these wounded one lying all around us.

There is too much truth to that, and if we think about it, it should hurt.

How many times in church life, have there been some people who have been hurt, and they have come to us, for comfort, and encouragement, and what happens - don't we sometimes tell them just how stupid they've been? How many times do we point an accusing finger at a brother or sister who is going through some tough times with kids? And say, well, they're just getting what they deserve. That strikes too close to home. Shouldn't we instead, offered a han ...

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