by Jerry Branch

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Are YOU a Secret-Keeper? (12 of 12)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 1:24-29
August 1, 1999

As we've been going through this first chapter of Colossians, I hope you remember that we've seen some great truths that should really remind us of how Great and Wonderful God's Love is for you and me, and just how amazing it really is that He loves us the way He does.

We've seen that IF WE have been born-again, then we have a HOPE that is laid up for us in Heaven. We've seen that our transformed lives should also be bringing forth fruit. We've seen that daily, because of who we are in Christ Jesus, we should be walking in a manner pleasing to Him, and that as we do, we should be increasing in our knowledge of God - not just fact-knowledge, but RELATIONSHIP knowledge. Remember - we've seen that Jesus Christ is over all things, He is preeminent, and that all the fullness of God dwells in Him.

This first chapter also served to remind us how great the sacrifice that was made for us because of that amazing love of the Lord, God for you and me, and that Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, died to reconcile all things unto Himself, and in doing so, He gave us peace. Peace purchased with His Blood on the Cross of Calvary. And through His death, you and I, if we do indeed KNOW Him as Savior and Lord, then He has made us HOLY, and Blameless, and above all reproach. And then we've also seen that we can rejoice even in our sufferings because of Jesus Christ.

There is so much for the Christian to be thankful for, isn't there. As I've asked before, are we really giving thanks, then, the way we should?

Well, look what Paul is telling us - you see, in these verses he's talking about this (musterion) the Greek word meaning MYSTERY.

Now, we need to know that's not some mysterious teaching or some secret rite or ceremony, or secret password to get admitted. That's the heresy that was floating around back then, that only the 'select few', the 'enlightened' ones would know.

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