by Jerry Branch

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Your Face Tells the Story (11 of 12)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 1:24-26

Theme: Joy of Knowing Christ

Love so amazing. How much we have to be thankful for. Salvation through Jesus Christ. Daily fellowship with Jesus Someone Who is there all the time.

It's no wonder that Paul says, I NOW rejoice! EVEN in my sufferings! We find this word 'rejoice' to be 'joyful' is used over 144 times in the Bible. This is one of those recurring words we find that describes the child of God over and over. I'd say that God has intended for us to be 'joyful' to be rejoicing. Having and an attitude or spirit of REJOICING.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus even reminds us, saying, "2 Rejoice, and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great."

But what do we see so much all around us? Do we see the Christian of 1999 and Y2K as someone who is rejoicing always in the Lord? Do you and I show the JOY of CHRIST in us to those with whom we come into contact? Do people who come and worship with us see that Joy in Us on Sunday mornings? Do people see the Joy of Jesus Christ in us, or do they see us with LONG faces, with frowns, with a beat down look? You see, our faces tell a lot about our relationship with Jesus Christ.

You see, the Lord, Jesus Christ, never intended for us to see our life and ministry here on earth as something that is an unbearable burden. Did not Jesus come to give us an abundant life? Isn't that a life filled with JOY? Isn't what Jesus has given us something to be joyful over? Something to be rejoicing over?

That's why Paul says, "I NOW REJOICE!"

You see, Paul shows us the kind of attitude or spirit all of us who know the Lord should have in our lives. This is what should be seen in each and every Christian's life today, but in reality, again, do not we see something totally different?

Again, do we not see so very many, many Christians, and there are some pastors that are included here as well, do we not see so many who have lost the ...

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