by Jerry Branch

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What Price Peace? (8 of 12)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 1:20
June 13, 1999

Quickly, these last weeks, we've seen that Paul has shown us here in Colossians, that as Christians, here I'm referring to people who have been saved by the Grace of God though the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, that we who are saved, ought to be regularly giving thanks. Giving thanks then is obviously a mark of a genuine Christian.

We also have read in God's Word, that Jesus is the One Who freed us from the power of domain of darkness, In other words, He literally RESCUED us from hopelessness, from death and from our life of sin, and He made us to be partakers of the inheritance. No one else could do this. Only Jesus Christ. Again, all the more reason to praise His Name.

This is the Jesus Christ whom we, YOU and I, worship today. This is Our King. Our Lord, Our Master. The One Who created everything. This is The Christ, Who is Head of His church. This is The One to whom we owe all our worship, all our praise, all our honor. He is Priority. He is Preeminent.

Then, also remember that last week we found out from God's Word, that we who know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord should be reconcilers, since Jesus came to reconcile. That means, that we should be allowing Jesus to work through us to do several things First, to reconcile the Lost by you and me sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them, And also to be about bringing about reconciliation of family members, both individual and church families, we should be letting Jesus use us to bring about restoration. And here the Bible is quite blunt - it says we are to go and reconcile. It doesn't say anything about waiting for the other person to come and beg forgiveness. A question for you today - Have you let Jesus use you to do any reconciling this past week? Sharing the Good News with someone? Going to another Christian and doing the work of reconciliation?

And that brings us to the next aspect - Peace. Verse 20 says, "and ...

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