by Jerry Branch

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The Gift of Deliverance (5 of 12)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 1:13-14
May 23, 1999

Last week as we looked at verse 12. We found that the Christian, (people who truly KNOW Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, not just nice guys or gals) that these persons will be giving thanks to God continually for all that He has done. So - giving thanks is a mark of being truly saved.

The question to be considered today: why is that some people do NOT thank God? Or, Why is it that some people just don't see what God has done for them?

The answer is a simple one. Most people do not give thanks to God for what He has done for us - specifically His gift of Salvation - because they do not SEE WHAT He has done, NOR do they understand the REASON WHY God HAD to do what He did.

The problem behind this is that we human beings don't truly understand our own condition. And until we do so, there is no way we are going to understand or even begin to accept what God has done for us. These verses from Colossians are speaking to that. "For He [that's God] delivered us from [the Greek word here is -ek-meaning OUT OF] . . . For He delivered us OUT OF the domain [here, the Greek word, ekousia, means the POWER] - He has delivered us out of the power of darkness."

This one little verse tells us exactly what is wrong with men and women, and what has to come about before the problem is made right.

When we get a grip on this one truth, then we see things totally differently. We then we come to understand just what it is that is truly wrong in our world. And it is then that we come to start seeing things not from our perspective, but from God's perspective. No longer do we see the troubles and confusion as something that can be solved by picketing, or by yelling and screaming in someone's face, "You're a sinner and going to Hell." No longer do we see the troubles and confusion in our world as something we can solve with more legislation. Instead, we start seeing things from God's per ...

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