by Jerry Branch

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A Faithful Servant (2 of 12)
Jerry Branch
Colossians 1:3-8
April 18, 1999

There are several things this passage tells us... We see first, a PRAYER of thanksgiving - "we give thanks...always praying for you".

Then, we see the reason for the prayer of thanksgiving - it is their reputation - "since we heard of your faith, and your love for all the saints". But there is something else in this passage that is really a key to the WHY Paul is able to give thanks - and it is of utmost importance. We find it down here in verse 7 - "as you also learned from Epaphras". You see, folks, if no one had been telling others about Jesus, and sharing the Gospel message, there wouldn't have been any reason to give thanks for their faith. That shows us, that there is an urgent need for ALL faithful saints to be spreading the Gospel, just as Epaphras did.

I know that when we read the NEW TESTAMENT, and especially the book of Acts and the various letters, we so often think of the churches started by the faithful witness of the apostles, and especially that of Paul. But here is the church at the city of Colosse, and it is not started by any of them. Maybe this makes us stop a little and reflect. For me, it made me remember just how strong the message of Jesus Christ really is, and that it can be shared by anyone who knows Him as Savior and Lord.

But at the same time, this passage also tells me, that there was something going on in the background. That something was PRAYER. In fact, there was a lot of prayer going on for the lost of the world back then. That is obvious. Nothing so big as what was happening could have come about IF it had not been for many faithful men and women praying that God would save people. But on top of that, there was also the continual praying for the new churches once they were established, This is why we find Paul's statement, "We give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you."

So, that brings up a ques ...

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