by Jerry Branch

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The Great Church: Standing In Awe (6 of 6)
Pastor Jerry Branch
Acts 2:43-47
November 8, 1998

In this passage, again we find some important characteristics that DEFINE or are present in a GREAT Church. Folks, I am firmly convinced, that the Lord, our God, is calling all His churches to be GREAT churches that are glorifying His Name.

We all can then make one of two responses to Him: We can REFUSE to conform to His standards of what a church is supposed to be, and keep right on going about playing church the way WE'VE decided church is supposed to be done, OR we have the other option AND we can take VERY seriously the Word of God, and we can change our attitudes about what church really is, and increase our desire to conform to the Lord's Will, and allow the Holy Spirit to be totally in control, as we submit ourselves to the Lord Jesus.

We can then allow Jesus to shape us, we who make up His Church, we can allow Jesus to and mold us, into becoming what HE wants us to be. But what that means is that: we have got to be completely OPEN and SUBMISSIVE to His leadership, and we can no longer be more concerned about doing church. In other words, being less concerned about doing this program or that program, and not being more concerned about doing worship this way or that way, or not being more concerned about meeting at this time or that time, not being more concerned about meeting in this place or that place, and not being more concerned about not doing something because we've never done that before around here...

Instead folks, we need to be more concerned about doing His Will in EVERYTHING because this is HIS church.

So, that said, let's start where we left off last week - "43Then fear came upon every soul (or everyone) was filled with AWE".

What does that say to us? Could it be that, using a modern expression, all the people who made up that early church were going around saying, "WOW, dude! That's one Awesome God we serve..." Perhaps, that's ho ...

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