by Jerry Branch

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A Great Church is One that Keeps in Her Prime (5 of 6 )
Jerry Branch
Acts 2:42-43
November 1, 1998

Today let's look at another characteristic of the New Testament Church. It's a characteristic, that when applied today, causes a church to function as a dynamic and great church. I hope you are tying all this together as we go, so that you get good picture in your minds of what church is really supposed to be all about. Because if all our churches today were functioning Biblically just like we see in the Book of Acts, there would never be any person who could say that church is irrelevant or boring.

In these past weeks, you'll recall, we've learned that the NEW Testament Church: #1 - created an environment where the Holy Spirit of God was free to move, which was brought about by those early men and women being obedient to the Lord Jesus in all, not some, in all things.

#2 - Then we saw that the church was BOLD in her approach to ministry and to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
#3 - Next we saw that the church possessed a gladness of heart - a joy.

And then #4 - last week, we learned that a really great church sees people being added by the Lord to her numbers. But, we also found out that this doesn't come about unless the spiritual climate is right - in other words, the church and the individual believer must be pure.

As we look back at what we've seen and learned about the New Testament Church - that was a church made up of Born-again believers, she was a church living the Christian walk; she was a church that possesses a purity and a sense of devotion that has been unmatched in the generations that followed; but, does that mean it's impossible to be like the New Testament church anymore? NO!

That's because, we also have discovered through our reading of the Bible that the Bible tells us that those early Christians didn't have anything that we don't have today. So, let's now take a look at verse 42.

There are several important B ...

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