by Jerry Branch

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A Great Church Grows, but Sin Gets in the Way (4 of 6)
Jerry Branch
Acts 2:37-41
Sunday Oct 25, 1998 AM

As we take up where we left off in the Book of Acts, we find another great truth about what makes a church a truly great church. To Summarize, what we've seen so far: a dynamic growing New Testament church is one in which both she as a body, and her people individually as well, are #1) being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ in all things. #2) the New Testament church is a church that is BOLD in her approach to ministry, and in her proclamation of the Good News of Jesus. And #3) she is a church, and a people, that have a glad heart - a spirit of JOY.

Now, please take a look at verse 41. The Bible says here, "41) Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them." Quickly, I want us to see something, because it sort of sets the stage for what is going to happen. The Greek verb, " ajpodexavmenoi" translates - those who received gladly. Here the New King James Version really captures the meaning of what's going on in these people's lives, folks. They heard the Good News, and they RECEIVED it gladly.

Now, stop and think back to when you invited Jesus into your heart. Isn't that what happened when you were set free from the grips of sin? Isn't that's the same thing we still see today when people come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord? The Bible goes on in verse 41, and tells us that the church saw people being added to her numbers - a lot of people! 3000. That tells us that the truly New Testament church will show NUMERICAL growth. That's why the Bible says, that about three thousand souls were added to their number that day.

Now, I don't know about you, but I believe we ought to be asking ourselves, just what was it that was going on, that would bring about such a dramatic change in so many hearts. I do not believe that God had this recorded for us to see today, ...

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