by Jerry Branch

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A Bold Approach - What Makes a GREAT Church? (2 of 6)
Jerry Branch
Acts 2:14-24
Sunday, June 22, 1997 AM

Last week we looked at two characteristics of a dynamic growing church. We found out that the Bible shows us that one of the most important qualities found in a dynamic church is that the church has an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit of God has the freedom to move and to work in the people's lives. This freedom only exists when we, who know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, are being OBEDIENT to the Lord all things, and when we, who know Jesus as our Savior again, take seriously and believe the PROMISES that He has given us - that means demonstrating our FAITH. The other characteristic we saw last week of the New Testament growing dynamic church was that it was ATTRACTING THE ATTENTION of the outside world.

Today, please open your Bibles again, to Acts Chapter 2, and let's look at the Next Characteristics that are found in the New Testament Church. Let's read it together - verses 14--24. Take a look first at verse 17. Isn't it true that we really want to know HOW we can accomplish what God wants done? Both in our own lives and in the life of our church? Aren't you and I constantly seeking to KNOW just HOW we can live our daily lives according to the Word of our Lord?

Well, here is the answer - God says in verse 17, "....I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind." The Greek word means to "bestow, give". Who is it that does the BESTOWING, the GIVING, the POURING out? It's God, isn't it? We are GIVEN His Spirit. Didn't Jesus promise that He would send Him in John 16:7? And what does the Spirit do? He has a work to do in our lives, doesn't He? He convicts the unsaved person, doesn't He? In other words, He reveals the truth of just WHO Jesus is. But that isn't His only work. He does other things. He gives POWER to the Christian. Think about this with me, ok? It is the Spirit of God Who gives us the POWER to go out boldly and share the Good News of J ...

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