by Jerry Branch

Do You Want to Make a Difference? Then Learn to Love
Jerry Branch
1 John 3:16-24
June 1, 1997

Last week we looked at 1 John 3, verses 1-11, and we found out that we all need to be committed to making a difference. We saw that if we are going to make a difference at all, we have got to be committed to Walking the Talk. In other words, it takes more than just saying we're a Christian, anybody can do that - we need to live it.

Today, we're going to continue on in 1 John, and we're going to look at HOW we can actually make a difference. And I really believe that all of us would agree, this is something that is necessary in every Christian church all across our nation. We need to be making a difference in our own areas into which God has placed us. We're not just here to be exclusive social clubs, or places where some folks can come to carry out their pet "do-good" projects. We are supposed to be a life-changing catalyst in our communities. As a church body, we're supposed to be the agent that points people to the Only ONE Who will in fact make a difference in their lives - Jesus Christ.

As I was reading an article recently, I came across an illustration concerning W.C. Fields.Now, most of us have all heard of W.C. Fields. As he lay on his deathbed, it was recorded that a friend stopped by to see him. This friend was rather surprised to find him reading the Bible. As most of you probably know, if you've read anything at all about Fields, that W.C. Fields was a lot like the rascally, drunken character he often portrayed during his acting career. His friend asked, "Why in the world are you reading the Bible? Are you looking for answers?" W.C. Fields said, "No. I'm looking for loopholes."

Too many today are doing the same, aren't they? What about you? When you read the Bible, and even more specifically, when you read words of our Lord, Jesus Christ, do you ever catch yourself looking for loopholes? Do we ever try to figure out if just maybe, He really h ...

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