by Jerry Branch

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Why Do We Pray? (1 of 5)
Theme: Prayer
Gerald Branch
John 15:5; 13-15; 16:24; Mark 11:24
November 11, 2001

Keywords: Prayer; reasons for prayer; ask; petition

If you were given the opportunity to talk with Jesus Christ for just fifteen minutes right after this service, and you were told you could ask Him to grant any one request, ... what would your request be? Think about that for just a moment.

Think about that... if you could ask Him for anything, what would it be?
Would it be for protection from violence; from terrorists; from anthrax?
Would it be for health?
Would it be for a better job?
Would it be for money?
What is it that you'd ask for?

Folks, the Lord's disciples got just such an opportunity at one point in their lives. No doubt, most of you all remember that in the Gospel of Luke, the 11th chapter, we read that the disciples had come up to Jesus one day and they brought a request. They said to Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray." Luke 11:1

BUT... why was it, with all the things they could have asked Jesus for, why was it that they asked that ONE question?

Hadn't they heard Him preach the greatest sermons ever?
So why didn't they ask Him to teach them to be the best preachers?
Didn't they see Him perform miracles?
So why didn't they ask Him to teach them How to do miracles?
Instead they went to Jesus and said, "Lord, Teach us how to pray."

Personally, I believe they asked Jesus to teach them HOW to pray because they saw Him praying daily,and they saw the results...

In other words, they saw Jesus spend time in prayer, and they saw what happened out of those prayers.

Very simply, they saw that prayer was CENTRAL to Jesus' life.

And folks, we, who know the Lord, are NO different today. As Believers, there is Not ONE thing in our life, more important than prayer.

Why is prayer so important? Simply because the average Christian knows more about Ann Landers than they do about prayer.

And there hav ...

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