by Jerry Branch

Will You Take Your Place?
Gerald Branch
Isaiah 62:6-7

Keywords: Prayer; watchmen; persistence

(read Isaiah passage)

Biblical scholars tell us that this is one of the more difficult passages from Isaiah, and for that very reason, it has been open to much discussion.

But, at the same time, be all that as it may, the Lord showed me that there is a very real application in this passage still for all of us who live today, still 2760 years after Isaiah wrote this book (760 B.C.) under the inspiration of the Lord...

Now, the chief reason this passage has caused Biblical scholars the difficulty it has, is because of WHO is doing the see, it is not Isaiah talking here, but God fact, if you read the preceding chapters, you also find that it is God Who has been speaking as well...but a problem seems to arise here in verses 6 and 7, because now He, God, has posted watchmen...(the Hebrew word being 'shaw-mar') ...that in itself is not the problem, but it is what those watchmen are to do...they are given the duty to remind Him, God, of His promise to re-establish Jerusalem.

Now, if you think about that, it seems pretty strange...why does God need anyone to remind Him of anything? He really doesn't, does He. Is God forgetful? We know He's not...because if He were, He wouldn't be what's the meaning of appointing watchmen to remind Him?

Well, that's the thing that has given commentators grief for many years. But if you look at this from the standpoint of giving encouragement to Israel, which these last chapters of Isaiah are meant to do, and at the same time we remember how forgetful we as humans are, and how we need to be reminded, and so often we transfer how we behave to God, then we start seeing that this passage is telling the people that God has made them a promise, and even though it has not come about yet, He still has not forgotten what He promised, and on top of that, that His promise is so imp ...

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