by Jerry Branch

Are You A Good Imitation?
Gerald D. Branch
1 Thessalonians 1:4-7

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Today, I want us to see several key Biblical truths that we can find in this passage. First, as believers, as a church we are chosen by God--we are elect, using the church word, and that should hold a special meaning to all of us. Second, we should see several unique aspects about the Gospel itself; third, we must be imitators, if you will, of Jesus Christ, and fourth, our lives should be such that they serve as models for others.

Paul writes, knowing, beloved brethren, your election by God. (or as the NIV puts it...) For we know, brothers loved by God, that He has chosen you--brothers loved by God--- to me, there is a very real significance to that phrase--- and that had to have meant a great deal to the church family there at Thessalonica---here they were--being reminded that they are loved by God. What an encouragement. LOVED by God. And the same thing applies to every BELIEVER everywhere.

Think about it, will you. Who is it Who is doing the LOVING? We're talking about GOD HIMSELF, aren't we? Holy, Righteous, God Almighty, loving you and me, His Creation SO very much, loving us even though we are the sinful, rotten mortals that we are, not worthy, in and of ourselves, but STILL, LOVED by GOD. Think about that folks,---you and me, Loved by God, Chosen by God, elected by God--- folks, that means you and I, we were chosen by Him even before the foundations of the World. That is PLAIN AWESOME! How many of us have truly stopped and considered this? Here we were, lost, without a hope, on our way to damnation and hell itself, riding the EXPRESS train to the pits of destruction, and not a thing any of us could do about it at all.

Here yo ...

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