by Jerry Branch

Do We Care Enough?
Gerald D. Branch
1 Corinthians 9:19-24
November 28, 1999

Copyright 2000 Feel free to use this message in your ministry. In those instances where the work of another may have helped give inspiration, I have tried to give credit to such. This message may not be reposted or published without permission.

Today begins our International Missions emphasis. In Southern Baptist Life, we call this the Week of Prayer for International Missions and the Lottie Moon Missions Offering, or what many of us still remember as the Week of Prayer for Foreign Missions. This becomes a great time for us to not only give sacrificially to help support our missionaries who are sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world, but to also to lift them up in our prayers.

I think all of us will agree, as Christians we have a great UNFINISHED task.

We all know that the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to take the Gospel to all the nations, and we all know all so well that the Gospel has NOT yet been taken to all the, the "masses," "the multitude," "the people".

We THEREFORE, have a great UNFINISHED task. Which brings us to a question---- so, then, what kind of a Christian people are we today? Are we up to the task? Are we willing to do our part, or do we say, that's not my job. Let someone else do it.

In preparing this message, I came across an article that said that there are two kinds of Christians in our world. "One group is very narrow in its focus, and is 'petty, confined, small-minded. They are hung up in 'self-concerns---- things like self-survival, self-growth, self-interest." The other group, on the other hand, is what some call, "stand-out saints." These seem to be the ones who are easy to identify, and seem different. These are the large-hearted people, the big-spirited persons, the tactful persons, the sensitive people who are letting God use them and live through them every day of their lives. These are the people who are re ...

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