by Jesse Hendley

jesse M. Hendley
John 20:21-23

Turn with me, friends, to the Gospel of John, chapter
20, verses 21-23. The subject today is "How to Get
Things From God." This has to do with TAKING things
God offers us. This is THE LAW OF APPROPRIATION.

You may be hungry and sitting at a table filled with
food. But if you do not reach out and TAKE that food,
you will starve. In other areas of life it is the same
way. Education is offered to people, but if a man
doesn't get the books and study them and apply his
mind, if he doesn't take what is offered, he will
remain uneducated. The same relates to God. God is
offering us something! He tells us again and again in
the Bible to TAKE, and I call your attention parti-
cularly to the New Testament. The Law of
Appropriation! Taking things God is offering and
making them our own. Getting things from God. God will
not force them on us; He says, "Take."

Now "take" implies that God is offering something. His
hand is outstretched toward us with a gift in it. But
if we do not reach out and take that gift, appropriate
it, it will never be ours. We must TAKE the gift.

Jesus Said "Take"

This passage in John 20 tells us that after the
Resurrection the Lord Jesus appeared to His disciples
and "showed them His hands and His side. Then were the
disciples glad when they saw the Lord." When Jesus
died on the cross, they thought He was dead, and when
He reappeared they were glad!

Then Jesus said unto them, "Peace be unto you. As the
Father hath sent Me, so send I you."

"And when He had said this, He breathed on them and
said unto them, TAKE ye the Holy Spirit." It is trans-
lated, "Receive you the Holy Spirit." But I want to
use the word TAKE, because there is activity in this.
Jesus was offering them the Spirit, but they had to
TAKE Him. There was to be action on their part. They
were not to remain passive. They were to take what He
was offering ...

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