by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 4:1-11

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like
for you to turn with me to Matthew 4, and we are
going to take up today the subject, "Making the
Right Choices in Life." In speaking to a group of
Intermediates for a couple of weeks I dealt with
this great matter of CHOOSING in life, making
CHOICES in life, and I received such a blessing from
it myself that I felt I would like to pass it on to
you friends out there in radio-land. This is very
important, this matter of making the correct choices
in life.

You know, you don't CHOOSE whether you come into the
world or not; that is God's choice. You did not
choose to be born; God did not ask me if I wanted to
come into this world. He didn't ask me about WHERE I
was to be born, or whether I WANTED to be born, or
WHEN I wanted to be born, or anything of the sort.
So, coming into the world and being alive is not our
choice. That was the LORD'S. The Bible says that the
Lord "giveth;" that is, He giveth LIFE. And the Lord
"taketh away;" He takes away life. So, you see, this
business of being in the world was not our choice;
it was the choice of the Lord, for He is the One who
gives life.

But, being in this world, we do have choices to
make. We do not have choices to make when we are
infants, because we are at the mercy of our parents.
A little babe, having just come into the world, is
perfectly helpless. He needs parents to make choices
for him. The parents do make the choices. They go to
the doctor and they learn about the proper formula
for the milk, and the way to feed him, and how much
he is to sleep, and all the rest of it. A little
infant does not have choices to make.

As we grow older there ARE choices we must make, but
they come upon us gradually. The MAJOR choices come
from our parents. That is the reason why God says,
"Children, obey your parents." Children are
incap ...

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