by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hosea 4:6

We have been studying from the Book of Hosea,
chapter 4, verse 6, where God says, "My people are
destroyed for lack of Knowledge. Because thou hast
rejected Knowledge, I will also reject thee. Thou
shalt be no priest to Me seeing thou hast forgotten
the Lord thy God. I also will forget thy children.
As they were multiplied, so they sinned against Me.
I will change their glory into shame. They feed on
the sin of My People and set their heart on their
iniquity. It shall be, Like people, like priest. I
will punish them for their ways and will requite
them for their doings. They shall eat and not have
enough. They shall play the harlot and shall not
increase because they have left off taking heed to

He begins that great chapter 4 by saying, "Hear the
Word of the Lord, ye children of Israel, for Jehovah
hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land
because there is no truth nor goodness nor Knowledge
of God in the land." He goes on telling about the
awful SINS the people were doing in that day.

We see a parallel today. "My people are destroyed
for lack of Knowledge." We studied the appalling
lack of the Knowledge of God Personally, the Nature
and the Heart of God.

Then we studied the appalling lack of the Knowledge
of the true Plan of Salvation, multitudes do not
KNOW the real Plan of Salvation, though they have
been to church all their lives. That is a tragic
fact. So many people think that just belonging to a
church or going to a church, or things that they do
themselves, will save them, but it is not so. There
is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do, to save yourself!
JESUS DID IT ALL, and you MUST have the right
relationship to Jesus Christ in order to be saved.

We found out that people will go about to establish
their own righteousness and not submit themselves to
the Righteousness of God. That was the troub ...

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