by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7:1-8

Revelation 7 is really a parenthesis, friends. In
verses 1-8 we have the vision of 144,000 Jews out of
all the tribes of Israel. It is a scene down here on
earth. They are a people who are "sealed" during the
coming Tribulation Period and will be the Lord's
witnesses on earth during the Tribulation Period.

Many people think that the knowledge of God will be
stamped out of the earth during the Tribulation with
all the horrors that are coming. But, friends, that
is not so. The Tribulation WILL be horrible, beyond
anything we know. If the very reading of it makes
you tremble, how terrible will be the actual reali-
ty. But there will be conversions on this earth.
There will be witnesses for God. God will never
leave Himself without a witness. Even in the days
before the Flood, He had Noah. Even in Sodom and
Gomorrah He had Lot witnessing and angels witnessing
for Himself. God never leaves Himself without a
witness. Men will never be able to rise up and say,
"You did not warn us faithfully!" The Bible says God
must be clear when He judges. David mentioned that
in Psalm 51, you remember. God must be CLEAR when He
judges. That is, as a Judge He will have done
everything that He possibly could have done to save
people. So when He judges, He will judge RIGHTEOUS

The next vision, verses 9-17, is of a great mult-
itude of Gentiles before the Throne. That is a
heavenly scene. They were SAVED during the Great
Tribulation Period. That is, from the standpoint of
the seer, John. From our standpoint, the Tribulation
has not yet come and they have not yet suffered the
martyrdom that they WILL suffer during the Trib-
ulation Period, for anybody who worships God during
the reign of the Antichrist will be killed in that
tremendous time.

The Tribulation Period is approximately seven years,
the last three and a half years being THE ...

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