WHY? (3 OF 3)

by Jesse Hendley

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WHY? (3 of 3)
Jesse M. Hendley

"Why did this come my way?"
"Why must we suffer?"
"Why did this happen to me?"

I want to continue now a message I began on the last
broadcast concerning the problem of human suffering,
and the question that is so often asked, "WHY?" The
WHY of human suffering.

As I came into the office this morning I received
the report of a fine Christian young man, a
missionary for Christ, a devoted servant of God, now
home from the mission field and with a recurrence,
it seems, of cancer. We don't understand those
things, do we? I mentioned to you a girl with a con-
genital brain tumor, with no hope, in the last
stages of it, under narcotics now, and the mother
asks me out on the porch as she wrings her hands,
"Why? Why has this happened to my child?"

I have called your attention to the fact that God
for some reason does let His people go through dark
periods. To say that just because you are a child of
God you should not have to go through suffering, is
contradictory to the Bible. Some of the finest
Christians I have ever known have been those who
have suffered the most! One man said to me, "The
purest, sweetest woman I have ever known sat in a
chair for fourteen years patient and cannot walk.
She is helpless. But she hasn't permitted this to
defeat her nor turn her against God in bitterness.
No, she is the purest, sweetest person I have ever
known, sitting in a chair for fourteen long years."
Beloved friends, "Why?"

God says in the Book of Isaiah, "who is he that
feareth the Lord and obeyeth the voice of His
servant, who walketh in darkness and hath no light?"
That passage says that a person can fear the Lord,
reverence God, obey the voice of His servant who is
Jesus Christ, and walk with God, and be right with
God, and love Christ, AND be permitted to walk in
darkness without a ray of light---"HATH NO LIGHT."

Well, what does a person DO in a time like that?

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