WHY? (2 OF 3)

by Jesse Hendley

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WHY? (2 of 3)
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 27:46

I want to speak to you now today on one little word:
"Why?" "WHY did this happen to me?" "Why must we
suffer?" "Why should this come our way?" I have run
into it much just of late, this word WHY.

The other day I stood in a room where there was a girl
twenty-four years of age. The doctor said if he had
not removed a brain tumor she would not have lived.
She is back home now and fighting, you know, just to
live. While I was in the room she had a paroxysm of
pain. This girl loves the Lord Jesus. She said,
"Preacher, pray for me. I know I am not suffering as
much as Jesus suffered. He died on the cross for me."
I don't think anyone has heard a word of complaint
from her lips. She has fought this insidious tumor for
twenty-four years and has not had what people
ordinarily call a normal life. Don't pity her, my
friends. I am not asking for pity for her. I am sure
she isn't. I assure you that this girl is CLOSER TO
GOD than most of us are. That is one of the answers
why people suffer. The mother looked at me and said,
"Why did this have to happen? Why did my child have to
have this?"

I am thinking now of a couple, one of the sweetest
couples I have ever known. A little child was born to
them. They were so eager, a sweet, Christian couple,
sweet people. When the child came they found it to be
a retarded child. Why does that have to happen? The
husband came to my home the night of the birth of the
child, and he said, "Let's pray. The doctors have said
that perhaps the child will be retarded." It turned
out that such was the case.

I stood the other night with a man, a real Christian
friend, who had just returned from San Francisco. He
had received news that his brother had drowned in San
Francisco Bay and his body was found after a week or
so in the water. This man had to fly out and take care
of the details about his brother. He looked at me the
o ...

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