by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:1-12

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like
for you to turn with me to the Sermon on the Mount,
Matthew 5. We are going to take up these three
wonderful chapters, a very solemn study that I hope
will be a blessing to every one of our hearts.

I want to speak to you on The Kingdom Man, Christ's
picture of The Kingdom Man, those who are really in
the Kingdom of God, those who are really Christians
and subjects of the Great King.

Now I warn you at the very outset that these are very
solemn words. These are serious words. Recently an
outstanding entertainer said in a series of articles
published in a leading magazine that Christ's
teaching, the Christian ethic, is so tremendous that
he had never seen a real Christian in his life. That
is a serious thing for a man to say, for this man has
met thousands and thousands of people. I can well
understand that, because when we come to really
realize what Jesus taught about those who are in the
Kingdom of God, those who are the truly saved and
truly the people of God, believe me, it doesn't jibe
with what we commonly see around us today that is
called Christianity.

What a solemn thing it is when a young Christian, born
of the Spirit of God and reading the Book of Acts and
seeing the wonderful fire and enthusiasm upon the
hearts and lips and faces of the real people of God,
asks this question: "Preacher, where are the
Christians? Where are the Christians?" Jesus tells us
what real believing is. And let me remind you that the
teachings of Jesus do not contradict the words of the

Today people say, "I believe," and that is the end of
the story. They walk down an aisle and join the church
and get baptized, and that is about the extent of it--
-going to church occasionally and giving a little bit-
but they seldom seriously think about what the
character of a real Kingdom man is and what t ...

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