by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Amos 4:6-13

Now friends, if you have your Bibles turn with me to
Amos, the 4th chapter. How wonderful it is to study a
prophet of God and read God's Words that He has put in
the mouth of His prophets. God said He did, and faith
believes the Bible, doesn't it? You and I believe it
because we know it to be the Word of God.

Today we are studying the amazing truth about God's
chastening, clearly taught to us by the prophet Amos.
We learn 4 truths. (1) That God is the living God.
He is alive and active among men. (2) He is God
Almighty. He is the One Who governs men today, and
sends national calamities upon people in order to get
them to turn unto Himself. (3) He is a merciful God.
He warns us in the Bible that He is going to send
judgments according to certain lines of His revealed
will. (4) He is a loving God because His object in
chastening is that we return unto Him and be blessed.

"Child Training"

There is a Greek word for chastening that means to
train a child. It means the proper rearing of a
child, the training, learning, instruction, discipline
that a child's life may be successful. In so many
homes this loving work is not done properly and the
child is hurt, hindered and ruined. When parents take
the time to do this blessed work, a life is blessed
for time and eternity.

A child is not born into this world knowing how to
live, so God gives him parents to teach him. The
child will have to learn how to live. A child does
not come by that naturally, he has to be taught. A
baby is born into this word with an empty brain and no
knowledge of how to go. The baby has to learn and
life unfolds from day to day. They must be taught
God's way. Today so many homes are broken through
divorce and children are in crime because we have
gotten away from God's way.

God says, "Fathers, bring up your children in the
nurture and admonition ...

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