by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 1:8

This matter of soul winning is such an important
thing. Friends have been asking us how to go about
doing this, how to go about reaching people for
Christ, how to go about winning the lost to the Lord
Jesus Christ. People are needy. People are hungry.
People realize, in many instances, that they are lost
and need the Lord as their Saviour. Down underneath
many people realize it, yet they are going on so under
the pressures of this hour that the need still is
there. We must reach people. We must contact them. I
want to start with that thought. I remind you that our
Blessed Lord has thrust out into the field workers for
His own glory, and His way of reaching this lost world
is THROUGH YOU and THROUGH ME, as we know Him as our
Saviour and our Lord! That is the way Jesus will reach
this lost world.

A man says, "I give my money to the church so the
PREACHER can win souls to Christ." But God wants EVERY
CHRISTIAN to win souls!

Let's think practically today about this business of
winning souls to Christ. Many people have said to me,
"I want to contact people. I want to know HOW to do
this work of leading a soul to Christ. I want to be a
soul winner. I want to reach the lost for Christ. But,
how to do it?" There are FIVE T's that will be helpful
to us.

Tone of Voice

The first of these T's is the word TONE OF VOICE. How
important that is in reaching people for the Lord
Jesus Christ! You see, many times people will speak in
such a tone of voice that it is repulsive instead of
helpful. In the training of telephone operators, the
tone of voice is to be pleasant and attractive to
people. We cannot speak to people in harsh tones and
expect to win them. It just doesn't work that way.

Recently in teaching a soul-winning class I mentioned
this, and a friend said, "That is one of my
difficulties. I must be more watchful of my tone of

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