by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Joshua 7

(The Curse of Sin is the Absence of God!)

Turn with me, friends, to the Book of Joshua, chapter
7. One great Scripture gives to us the main theme of
the Book of Joshua. It is found in the Book of Acts,
chapter 15. "The Lord is a Man of War." God is a
Warrior! God is a Fighter. He is always fighting
against sin. God is always at war against SIN. Now in
the Book of Joshua we will find this truth. God is at
war against sin wherever He finds it.

The Heathen

He was against sin in the heathen people. We read of
God's judgment upon the heathen Canaanites in the
land. God Almighty said that Israel was to have the
land, and they were to DESTROY the Canaanites. Now
that sounds like an awfully strong command, if we just
forget the SIN of these people. God's Word reveals
their sin. History reveals their sin. These people
were guilty of the worst idolatry. They were guilty of
the grossest immorality in the name of religion. Their
wickedness had climbed to the heavens. God had
patiently put up with them for hundreds of years and
they had gotten worse and worse until there was
nothing left for God to do but to DESTROY them. The
people of Israel were simply the instruments in His
hands, to destroy those who were destroying the earth.

Beloved, we learn the lesson that SIN MUST BE ROOTED
OUT. Sin must die or we must die! It will kill US if
we don't kill IT. So instead of God being a tribal god
acting in simple anger, this is the Living God at war
against sin, destroying THE CANCER OF SIN for the sake
of the entire race. He is a Surgeon cutting out the
cancer cells so that the good cells may live. God is a
God of War. He is always against sin wherever He finds

His Own People

We learn in this 7th chapter of Joshua that God is
against sin in the hearts of even his own people. The
people of Israel were in sin. Verse 1: "But the
children of Israel committ ...

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