by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 3:1-9

Turn with me, please to the third chapter of the Book
of Galatians, friends. We have the word faith here.
I have asked audiences to count the number of times
"faith" is mentioned here, and I think you'll find
that it is mentioned about fourteen times in this
marvelous third chapter of Galatians, more times than
in all the rest of the Epistle. Salvation is by


Now remember the background of the letter to the
Galatians. Paul went through Galatia. He was ill at
the time. He found a group of people, preached to
them Jesus and faith in Jesus for salvation and these
lost people gladly reached out and received Jesus by
simple faith. Paul went his way. They established
churches there in Galatia.

Along behind him came some religious teachers who
said to these people who had just believed on Christ
that faith in Jesus was not enough: To be saved and
to walk with God they had to also be circumcised and
keep the Law of Moses.

So Paul wrote this letter to the Galatians to refute
that false teaching and to establish the truth that a
person is saved only by faith in the Lord Jesus
Christ! In our preceding messages we clearly ex-
plained this background material. Now we're taking up
this great third chapter. Let's see what God has for
us today.


Paul says, "O FOOLISH Galatians." The rendering is
stronger in original Greek. It is literally, "O
unintelligent Galatians." He meant, "You are not
using your mind in the things of God. God has given
you a mind and you are not thinking intelligently."
This preacher, Paul, stands up and says, "O foolish
people! O unintelligent in the things of God!" This
is strong language. There is strong language all
through the Bible. God gives us a brain that we may
use it, and the greatest use to which we can put our
brain is to find God, to reason through to God, to
come through fait ...

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