by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 39:9

Revival is God's Presence! His Presence is "seen";
His Presence is "felt"; His Presence is "known". It
is the opposite of God afar---at a distance. It is
God in our midst, appointment with our Maker and
great Lover of Souls. Revival is God "with us!"

We have just experienced such a revival. Because of
the nature of these experiences we will not reveal
the location. The spiritual glow, energy, heat,
enthusiasm comes from the known presence of God.
First, within the believer's spirit---Paul said,
"Christ lives in me." This can be said of every
believer. What a profound utterance! Paul knew he
possessed Christ, and everyone around Him knew that
Christ was in Paul's life. He had a GLOW.

In the Old Testament days God dwelt in the midst of
Israel and manifested His presence by a "cloudy
pillar" (Exodus 39.9). Every one knew He was there!
Can you imagine what that meant to "see and feel"
the presence of God? It was awesome and comforting
and sweet to those who knew Him and were right with
Him! How much more glorious His presence in our
Christian assemblies today! How wonderful to be in
a meeting where God manifests His presence and
everyone knows it! I have recently been in such a
revival meeting. You could feel the GLOW.

Jesus Only

Sunday morning a lady came at the invitation and
received Christ as her Saviour. She told the
preacher, "I knew this morning I had to make a
choice between Christ and my husband. I know he
will leave me if I become a Christian, but I
believe in Jesus Christ and am today confessing Him
as my Saviour." How wonderful! The presence of God
was in this meeting, was with us, and was with her.
No one can lose who honestly makes JESUS SAVIOUR
and LORD of one's life. The one, who doesn't, loses
Christ, his soul, and heaven. When it comes to
salvation one must forget everything else. This is
the meaning of I C ...

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