by Jesse Hendley

Christ in the Book of Hebrews
Jesse M. Hendley

Someone has well said, "No bee can gather honey on the
wing. No more can Christ's disciples gain refreshment
and sustenance, in the midst of the world's hustle and
bustle, save by habitually alighting and drawing on
the resources of Christ's Presence and grace. I am
hoping that as you gather 'round these broadcasts of
the Word, you will have your Bible open and study with
us in the Scriptures from day to day. And remember,
you are not alone, though you may think you are! One
time in a certain village the people decided to give
up their prayer-meeting. But one woman said, "Well
though no one else attends, I am going to be at the
prayer-meeting." Someone said to her, "Did you have a
prayer-meeting last night?" "Yes we did!" she replied.
"How many were present?" "Four," she answered "Why, I
hear you were there alone." "No," she said, "I was the
only one visible. But the Father was there, and the
Son was there, and the Holy Spirit was there, and we
were all agreed in prayer." Well, isn't that
wonderful? Wherever a Christian is, there are always
FOUR people, one visible and Three Invisible. I think
that is a wonderful truth for us to remember: never

Bible Study

Now let us turn to the Book of Hebrews. I am
CHALLENGING you friends to study your Bible! Get a
good, readable copy of the Bible that you can MARK
with a pencil---a blue and a red, or one of these
pencils that has four different colors of lead---and
mark your Bible everywhere you find a precious truth!
You will find them precious, like a Bible within a
Bible. It will be YOUR Bible, the part that you have
"digested," the part you have taken for yourself and
made your own. Then, you should have a good
concordance, so that you can take a word like "Blood"
and look it up all through the Bible, and when you get
through, you'll know more about the Atonement than
you've ever kno ...

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