by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 15:35-49

I have been in three funeral services in the last
five days. We took three bodies out to the
cemeteries. How wonderful to know the truth of the
Resurrection Body as found in the Word of God!

We have been studying in First Corinthians 15. Paul
raised the question, "With what body do they come in
the Resurrection?" Then he tells us that the body
will be sown in corruption and raised in
incorruption; sown in dishonor, raised in glory;
sown in weakness, raised in power." And then in
verse 49, "As we have born the likeness of the
earthly Adam, in this physical body, we shall also
bear the likeness of the Heavenly Man, Christ." That
is, just as we had a body like Adam's which decays
and dies, so WE SHALL have a body like Christ's,
which will never decay, never die. We'll be
immortal, like Christ.

We studied the fact of the individuality of bodies
in the resurrection. We will have the SAME body. It
will be IDENTIFIED as the same body. Just yesterday
in Augusta, Georgia, where I went for a funeral
service, a lady was distressed over the death of her
son, a high school boy killed in an accident. Her
heart was grieving. I talked with her for an hour
and a half, assuring her that that same boy, whose
voice she heard and whose personality moved through
that body, SHE WOULD KNOW AGAIN in the land beyond.
He would have a body that she would recognize. She
would know him as her own son. There is a strange
idea in our human hearts that things are going to be
so different over there that we won't know each
other, and that fellowships that are in this world
will not be enjoyed in the next. Beloved friends,
that is not true. Fellowship will be warm and sweet.
There will be individuality of body. There will be

Then we came to the second point, the glorious
transfiguration or CHANGE in the body. We will have
a body ...

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