by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 15:35-54

Our Resurrection Body! I am speaking about the
believer in the Christ, the child of God. In First
Corinthians 15 the Scripture says, "With what body do
they come?" With what kind of body do they come? That
is, believers. Somebody raised the question at Corinth
when Paul spoke on the resurrection of the dead about
the life beyond and said, "If there is going to be a
resurrection, what sort of body will we have in the

Let's look at Jesus. It is said we will have a body
LIKE UNTO the body of His Glory. In Philippians 3:21
we read, "Jesus is coming, Who shall change our vile
body." Not "vile" body, but "the body of our
HUMILIATION, or the body of our low estate." The body
is not vile. God does not call the body vile. The
human body is a very sacred thing. God has given it to
us. It is our home in which we live. It is the
dwelling place of the Holy Spirit if we are born
again. It isn't "vile." That isn't even a translation
of the original word. The word means, "The body of our
low estate," in contrast with our "high estate" which
will be in heaven! This is the body we have to have on
this lower, earthly sphere of life. It is not like the
body we will have in our higher, heavenly sphere of

Now the Lord Jesus is coming again and He will CHANGE
this body that we have in this low estate, that it may
be fashioned like unto the body of His Glory. "Like
unto the body of His Glory." Like the body Jesus had
after He arose from the dead! We'll have a body like
the resurrection body of Jesus. And He will do this
according to the working whereby He is able even to
subdue all things unto Himself.

Jesus Christ is GOD. He created the universe, the sun,
the moon, the stars. Everything that lives and
breathes is the created act of Jesus Christ. He is
able to subdue all things unto Himself. He is able to
effect, to bring to ...

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