by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Jeremiah 20:9

We come today, friends, to think again about this
great business of SOUL-WINNING. We are talking about
the Passion for Souls, why most Christians never win
any souls to Christ.

We found we must have hot lips, and we can have hot
lips only if we have hot hearts before the Lord, and
that God EXPECTS us to have hot hearts.

We called your attention to the text, Jeremiah 20:9,
where the great servant of God said, "His Word was in
my heart a burning fire." Jeremiah said he went out
and spoke to the people and they reproached him, and
he said, "I'm not going to speak to them anymore and
mention His Name, but I couldn't help it because His
Word was a fire in my bones." We found that if a man
is born again, if the Spirit indwells him (and He does
if he has been born again), if he meditates in God's
Word day and night, the Word of God becomes in his
heart, in his very bones. It has got to blaze up. It
comes out through hot lips to speak for the glory of
the Lord.

Friends, Jeremiah had a hot heart! Christ had a hot
heart. I say it reverently, all the prophets of God
were men who had hot hearts, people who had God's
Word, who were in touch with God! The majority of
professing Christians today do not speak for the Lord
because they do not have burning hearts for the Lord.

Do you have a hot heart? God expects us to be His
witnesses! "Ye shall be My witnesses." But my lips
will not witness for Him unless my heart is hot for
Him, unless I have this passion, this fervor, this
zeal, this intensity of LOVE to witness for Christ and
to win souls. Christ must be all that He is, TO MY
HEART! I must see clearly Christ, I must see clearly
this lost world, if my heart is to be hot for God.

The Apostle Paul tells Timothy to rekindle the fire in
his heart. In II Timothy 1:6 Paul is in prison, facing
death. This aged man who should have had this ...

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