by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Jeremiah 20:9

"Soul Winning"

The Passion for Souls! The Passion for Souls is what
we are talking about, why most Christians never win
souls to the Lord Jesus, why most Christian never even
speak to souls. We found out it is because they have
NO PASSION for souls. There is no fire of God in their

We found out, beloved friends, there are few people
who win souls. Some do. Most do not. Everyone can talk
about that in which they are interested. If our hearts
are filled with Christ, we can talk for Christ! Soul-
winning Christians, people who do win people to
Christ, HAVE A PASSION for souls. They have tongues on
fire for the Lord. They have hot hearts. They have hot
lips because they have hot hearts.

We called your attention to the fact that they are
first of all filled with God's Holy Spirit! God's
Spirit dwells within them as believers. A child of God
is a soul-winner because the Holy Spirit of God fills
his heart. God literally lives there. We read in Acts
2 that when they were all filled with the Holy Ghost
they began to speak! Everybody speaks when filled with
the Spirit! I don't care how many conferences you go
to or how much you profess this, that or the other; do
not tell me, my friends, that you are filled with the
Spirit if your lips are silent, if your lips are cold,
if your heart is cold and you do not have a passion
for souls! How many people claim to be filled with the
Spirit, and all that evaporates because they do not
have a deep passion for souls, willing to suffer to
bring a soul to the Lord Jesus Christ, do that which
is necessary to bring a soul to Christ. Ah, friends,
Spirit-filled men and women are the people who DO HAVE
a deep-down burden for those who are lost AND SEEK
THEM with all their minds and hearts and souls.

I get so tired of hearing some little church-member
criticizing people who really LOVE so ...

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