by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
I Thessalonians 4:9

We are studying what LOVE really is from First
Corinthians 13. The text is from First Thessalonians
4:9, "Ye are taught of God to love." God teaches us in
His Word to love. We are made partakers of the Divine
Nature through the Word of God. God help us today,
reverently and carefully, to let the Lord teach us
what love really is.

Worlds of people do not know what love is. They don't
know what the real thing is, wouldn't recognize it if
it came to them, do not know how to identify it, do
not know it at its approach. God help us today to
really know what love is and to have it in our hearts-
--this kind of love the LORD is talking about.

Paul says, "Love doth not behave itself unseemly."
That carries with it the thought of politeness,
courtesy. Love is always careful about the feelings of
other people. It does not tread upon the feelings of
others. It isn't rough. It isn't blunt. It is easy to
get along with. It does not run from place to place
and from person to person saying ugly things about
other people. Love doesn't do that.

"Seeketh not her own." There is a saying, "Look out
for Number One." Love never says that. God does not.
Had God looked after Number One He never would have
given His Son. If the Son of God had said, "I am
looking after Myself," He never would have gone to the
cross FOR US! Jesus was looking after US when He went
to the cross, not Himself. He was willing to sacrifice
Himself, for us. That is a characteristic of love. It
looks after the things of God and of others.

"Love is not provoked." Omit the word EASILY. It is
not in the earliest manuscripts. Love is never
exasperated. Love never becomes sharp. When we are
provoked we are not loving, as God says.

"Love thinketh no evil." This is an important
statement, friends. The word THINK here means
literally, "Taketh not account of." Love doesn't write ...

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