by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
I Thessalonians 4:9, I Corinthians 12:31, 14:1

In First Thessalonians 4:9 we read, For ye yourselves
are taught of God to love." God teaches us to love.
The supreme subject that we should pursue with all of
our energy is LOVE. The Teacher is God Himself. God is
in the business of teaching one subject, and that
subject is LOVE. If we want to go to a heaven of love,
to live with a God of love, and with people who love,
the Lord must teach us in this present world in
preparation for that world.

The pupil is the Christian. In this case, it is the
Christians at Thessalonica. "Ye are taught of God to
love." Down through the generations, wherever people
have sought Him with all their hearts, God has taught
people to love!

The Apostle Paul in one of the greatest statements on
love ever written, First Corinthians 13, presents to
us what love really is. God help us to study this
great chapter on our knees, prayerfully before God,
get it in our minds, think on these things till they
become a very part of our being, and God through His
Word can teach us to love! Our Lord has spoken through
this man Paul, who demonstrated love as few men have
ever demonstrated love in his marvelous life. God has
revealed through him what love really is.

Let me call your attention to this chapter. The
Apostle Paul has been writing in chapter 12 of
spiritual gifts that God gives to His people. When
Paul comes to the end of the chapter, he says, "But
covet earnestly the best gifts." There are great gifts
and smaller gifts in rank. Paul said, "Be sure in
seeking gifts that God gives that you seek for the
best gifts." He says, "Covet the best ones." The word
covet means "to desire earnestly." Desire earnestly
the best gifts! DESIRE them.

Make them the chief thing in your life. Then in
chapter 14 Paul says, "Follow after love." Really, he
is concluding chapter 13. There sh ...

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