by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 1:4

Now, friends, as we turn to Galatians 1:4, let me
remind you of the background of this book that you may
understand it. We learn in 4:13 that the Apostle Paul
was going through Galatia and while there he became
ill. He preached to these people that they would be
saved by simple faith in the Lord Jesus. He said
nothing of keeping the Law of Moses. He preached
Christ and the Cross and told them the wonderful story
of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and that they
could be saved just by faith in HIM, just by trusting
Him, just by looking to Him and depending on Him. They
could be saved forever---just by faith! Well, they
believed in Jesus and were saved, and Paul went his

False Teachers

Behind Him came some teachers who said, "It is all
right for you to believe on Jesus, but that is not
enough! You must, in addition to that, be circumcised
like the Jews in Old Testament times and you must keep
the Ten Commandments, the Law of Moses. Unless you
keep the Law, you cannot be saved."

In this Book of Galatians, Paul refutes that idea
utterly and completely. We come now to this 4th verse
of the first chapter: "Who gave Himself for our sins,
that He might deliver us from this present evil
world, according to the will of God our Father."

A World Problem

The world has a problem. You and I have a problem. The
problem is sin. The only way our sins can be gotten
rid of is NOT by going through religious ceremonies
such as circumcision or baptism or keeping days or
months or years or feasts and commandments and all
that sort of thing, But only BY FAITH in the Cross of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus dying for our
sins is the only way we can be forgiven.

The Apostle says here in verse 3, "Grace be unto you
and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus
Christ, Who gave Himself for our sins."

We have here a tremendous probl ...

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