by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 53:10

Turn with me, friends, to Isaiah 53:10. I pray that
the Lord will give us a fresh vision, a deeper vision,
of the Greatest Transaction that has ever been made in
the universe, that moment when the Son of God died on
the cross. I want to talk with you and think with you
about the great supreme fact of the death of Jesus

This is the greatest thing the human mind can think
on---the death of Christ and its meaning for us. Every
Christian should want to go into the depths of this as
far as he can go. Nobody can go too deeply into the
truths of the death of Jesus Christ. We need to
meditate on it more and more until God makes it real
to our hearts.

Isaiah 53:10 speaks of Christ on the cross: "It
pleased the Lord to bruise Him. He hath put Him
(Christ) to grief. When thou (anyone) shalt make His
soul (Christ's soul) an offering for sin (your sin),
He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, and
the pleasure (business) of the Lord shall prosper in
His hand."

My friends, think about all the things people are
thinking about today! Think about all the things the
human mind can think about. We must conclude that the
greatest thing that human minds can think about is
GOD, Who He is, What He is, everything He has to do,
everything that has to do with Him.

And then, the Lord Jesus Christ, because Christ is the
Way to God! That is why we talk so much about Christ!
That is why we preach Christ. We do not ignore the
Father nor the Holy Spirit. We dare not. We adore the
Blessed Trinity. But Jesus Christ is the WAY, the One
Mediator between God and men, the Way to God and into
the blessings of Eternity. We cannot come to the
Father except through Christ. "No man cometh unto the
Father but by Me." And we cannot know the blessings of
the Holy Spirit except through the Lord Jesus Christ.

That being true, the greatest thoughts the human mind

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