by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 13:6

I want to speak to you along the lines of a wonderful
truth, a very serious truth, and that is "God's
Disappointment Over Man's Failure." God wants our
fellowship first of all. That is the most important
thing in our lives. Let me remind you that there is
such a thing as God being disappointed, and in Luke
13, verse 6, Jesus spoke a parable.

"A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard
and he came seeking fruit thereon and found none. And
he said unto the vinedresser, Lo, these three years I
come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut
it down. Why doth it also cumber the ground? Then he
that was the vinedresser answering saith unto him,
Lord, let it alone this year also and I shall dig
about it and dung it, and if it bear fruit henceforth,
well. If not, then after that thou shalt cut it down."

Wrong Thinking About Sin

Now, our Lord is saying a very solemn thing here. He
is talking to the people of Israel, the people of God.
I want to remind you here of what the Lord has to say.
There are wrong thoughts about sin. The greatest of
all sins is not what some people think; it is the sin
of not bearing fruit unto God! These people thought
that adultery and drunkenness and lying and stealing
and all these things were the greatest sins. But our
Lord Jesus was looking into the faces of the most
religious people of His day and He said to them that
the greatest of all sins is not to bring forth fruit
unto God, that lives shall not count for God.

Here is a lost world out here! God wants to get to
that lost world. The only way He can do it is through
His people, and if you and I do not yield ourselves
unto God, God cannot get through to the lost, He
cannot encourage the bereaved, He cannot strengthen
the weak and bless the sick, and so on, unless we let
Him live His Life in and through us. So the greatest
of all ...

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