by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Colossians 1:18

In the first chapter of Colossians we found out that
Christ is pre-eminent. Verse 18, "That in all things
He might have the pre-eminence," That is what the Lord
wants Jesus Christ to have, and He shall have it. Pre-
eminence means "absolutely first, above all others,
superior, outranking everyone else."

Pre-eminent in Number

The word pre-eminence here in verse 18 is proteuo, and
it means, "to be first." In sports today (as in
football or baseball) people say, "We are first,"
meaning that they are the best team in the nation.
Number One! Well, Jesus is FIRST in the universe! He
is NUMBER ONE, absolutely, completely. The Greek word
proteuo comes from protos, "first, first place." "That
He might come to have FIRST PLACE in everything," God
has given it to Him, but there is a usurper, the
devil. The devil and wicked men battle with Jesus
about first place.

Today Jesus' name is not known too well. It really
isn't. People don't bow before Him. But the day is
coming when they will. He is going to have first place
in everything.

This word proteuo means "first" in the sense of being
EARLIEST, first in the sense of RANK, FOREMOST, MOST
IMPORTANT, MOST PROMINENT. All of these are true of
the Lord Jesus Christ. He was earlier than created
beings because He had no beginning. He existed before
all creation. He was with His Father from eternity. In
number, He is Number One.

Pre-eminent in Rank

Then in RANK He is foremost in all things. God's Word
says in the Book of Revelation, "He is the King of
kings and Lord of lords," The Bible says in
Philippians, "Every knee shall bow of things in
heaven, things on earth, things under the earth and
confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of God
the Father."

But, as the Colossians, a lot of people today do not
want to give Him the first place. The majority of
people on earth are not wor ...

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