by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 28:6

Turn with me to Matthew 28 and verse 6. Today we are
thinking about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus
Christ. Here are some very wonderful scriptures. "He
is not here: He is risen." "Christ died and rose
again." They preached Jesus and the resurrection. "He
was delivered for our offenses and raised again for
our justification." "Thanks be unto God which giveth
us the victory (over death) through our Lord Jesus
Christ." As we approach the Easter season in which we
commemorate the resurrection of our Blessed Lord, how
precious are these wonderful Scriptures from God's
Word. How glorious is this Gospel to dying men, for we
are a dying race. Gospel means good news, and to the
dying generation of Jesus' day, who can tell the
tremendous impact of those words "He is risen" upon
the hearts of those miserable, hopeless people.

All over the Roman Empire people were sick of their
heathen gods which gave them no hope and the
tombstones in the cemeteries bore mute testimony to
their despair. Mothers laid away their children with
never a hope of seeing them again. Wives, husbands,
and sweethearts spelled out their blackest misery in
the epitaphs on the tombstones which we can read
today, dug up by the archeologist's spade. Again, I
say, how glorious beyond words must have been the
emotions that flooded the hearts of all who heard,
when it became known that One had risen from the dead
with an authentic resurrection. We who live in the
full blaze of the truth of the resurrection cannot
comprehend what it meant to those hungry souls. Hungry
for a security that only true resurrection can give.

God help us today to place ourselves mentally in a
world that has no such resurrection Gospel. Let us
take away, for a moment, this fact: No Christ, no
revelation from God in the Bible, no relief from the
burden of sin, no hope in the presence of death for
ourselves ...

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