by Jesse Hendley

RESURRECTION - An Easter Message
Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 15:35-41

Turn with me, friends to First Corinthians, chapter
15, verses 35 - 41. I would like to read this
passage to you today because it has to do with the
resurrection of the dead. There is nothing more
important than that. Everybody on earth is dying.
There is no morbidity in thinking about that. It is
just wise to think about it and make preparation for
it. All of us have loved ones yonder in the Next
Land. We are looking forward to meeting them again.
So this is a wise thought the Apostle brings us
today. God wants us to know about the Land Beyond.
That is the reason He has written the Bible. God had
the Bible written for us. "Holy men of God spake as
they were moved by the Holy Spirit," that we might
know the certainty of the things beyond the grave.

I am reading from the Revised Version of 1901. Here
are the words OF GOD. "But some will say, How are the
dead raised? And with what manner of body do they
come? Thou foolish one, that which thou thyself
sowest is not quickened except it die, and that
which thou sowest thou sowest not the body that
shall be, but a bare grain, may chance of wheat or
of some other kind. But God giveth it a body even as
it hath pleased Him, and to each seed a body of its
own. All flesh is not the same flesh. There is one
flesh of men. Another flesh of beasts. Another flesh
of birds. Another of fishes. There are also
celestial bodies and bodies terrestrial. But the
glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the
terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the
sun, another glory of the moon, another glory of the
stars, for one star differeth from another star in

Here is a question that is raised in people's minds.
It is a normal question. "HOW are the dead raised?"
And, "With what manner of body do they come?"

The other day I was talking with a grammar school
teacher, and wi ...

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