by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 2:6

I want to talk to you about Jesus Christ. This is the
delight of my heart and is the delight of the heart of
everyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We trust
that many today who have not yet really come to know
Him and fallen in love with Him will do so today. This
wonderful Christ. Don't miss Him.

Christ in Eternity Past

First we have Christ in eternity past. Remember Jesus
Christ existed, my friends, before He was ever born
into this world, before time ever began, before He
ever stepped into that body, Mary's body, and was born
into this world. Jesus existed before He had any
earthly life in what we call in the Bible the Trinity.
The Trinity of Divine Beings Who existed before any
human being ever existed. I speak of the Son; I speak
of the Holy Spirit because these, the Word of God
speaks about. All of these are Divine Persons and
Christ was one of these Divine Persons in eternity
past before He ever came into the world.

We have the deity of Christ. Deity means that Christ
is God and the Bible says He was God before He ever
became man. God's Word says in Philippians
2:6,"Christ, being in the form of God, thought it not
robbery to be equal with God." Notice the expression
"being in the form of God." That means before He ever
came into this world. Jesus existed as God in eternity
past. He is God. He was God. He always will be God. In
this we have the eternal existence of Christ. By this
we mean He had no beginning. God's Word says in the
great Psalm, "From everlasting to everlasting Thou art

Somebody has translated that to "from vanishing point
to vanishing point Thou art God." What did the tran-
slator mean? He meant if you think back as far as you
can, you still have God. Think as far ahead as you
can, you still have God. God had no beginning. God
will never have an end. You and I had a beginning,
friend, but listen, ...

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