by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 1:26-33

To believe something, we must know that it is true.
To believe on Jesus Christ, we must know that the
things we have heard about Him are factual. For me
to believe on Jesus means to place my eternal well
being in His hands, in perfect confidence He will
take care of me. So when I am asked to trust Him as
my Saviour and make Him the Master of my life, I
must know beyond a shadow of doubt that He IS all
the Bible says He is. I may be uncertain about some
things, without harm coming to my soul. But to be
uncertain about Jesus Christ and His claims, the
Bible says, is to be in the most dangerous position
imaginable. Of all the knowledge possible to man, I
must know that the story of Jesus Christ is TRUE.

Source of Truth: the Bible

How am I to know the truth about Jesus? FROM THE
BIBLE. He is all over the pages of the Old
Testament, but He is especially in the Four Gospels.
His life and teachings are the subject of Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John.

The Gospel of Luke

Let us look now at the Gospel of Luke. Luke was a
doctor. He wrote (or better, the Spirit of God
wrote) for this very reason to his noble friend or
patron Theophilus: that he might have full knowledge
(not mere knowledge but complete knowledge) of the
certainty of the things he had heard about Jesus
Christ. (1:4)

Certainty means that which cannot be tripped up,
secure, safe, unquestionable, that which cannot be
denied, reliable, dependable, sure, indisputable,

Luke tells Theophilus (and us) that there were many
accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus in his
day but they were fragmentary, so he accurately
traced his blessed life from beginning to end,
obtaining his information from actual eyewitnesses,
people who saw and heard Jesus speak and do these
mighty things. Luke wrote that Theophilus might know
the facts and safely put his trust in C ...

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