by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Peter 1:10

In Second Peter 1:10 God's Word says, "Give diligence
to make your calling and election sure." I lift out of
that text two words: MAKE SURE. MAKE SURE that you are
saved. MAKE SURE that you are a child of God.
Constantly check up. Constantly stay in assurance.
Constantly abide in the fact of your own salvation.
Make that clear above everything else---that you are a
saved man or a saved woman and that God is your Father
and Christ is your Saviour and Heaven your Home and
the Bible your Guide and the Holy Spirit your Teacher!

MAKE SURE---the Bible says to you! God says to you!
Intelligence says to you! Make sure beyond a question,
beyond anything else in this life that you are saved,
and KEEP SURE. Keep checking.

God's Word says that this world is filled with lost
souls who do not realize that they are LOST, who THINK
that they are saved, and who will stand amazed in the
Presence of God to find that they shall be sentenced
to hell when they were in anticipation of heaven!

I tell you, there is nothing more tragic! My friends,
the Word of God is filled with red lights, warnings of
God. Make sure that you are saved.

You can't make sure about anybody else. Nobody else
can make sure about you. Nobody knows your heart but
you. Nobody knows whether you are saved or not but
you. And, beloved friends, I beg you---I BEG YOU---to
MAKE SURE you are saved, because so many people who
THINK they are saved are LOST. That's a terrible word:
LOST. God isn't playing. This isn't playing. This
isn't a holiday world. Multitudes around us are LOST.

Not long ago a young man was working in a ditch. It
had been raining. All of a sudden it caved in on top
of him and this young man lost his life. I passed by
that place. A life was LOST there, we say.

The other day I was riding along with one of my
friends. We were doing some visiting. He pointed over
there to an inters ...

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